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Quality Service at an Affordable Price

Student Membership

Test Preparation

Guaranteed Success

As a successful maths tutor since 2017, I have managed to help my students excel and learn to love subjects that they once found boring and difficult. Take advantage of my professional experience, especially in test preparation. Get in touch today and allow me to help.

Group Lessons

Customized Lessons to Fit Your Needs

I specialise in Group Lessons, and know how to get my students to excel through personalised attention, patience, a lot of practice, and hard work. I make learning fun through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities. Teaching is a skill, but great teaching is more of an art that only a few can master.

Girl in Classroom
Teacher and Young Student

One-on-One Lessons

Personalised Attention

I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher that focuses on One-on-One Lessons. Teachers need to be able to motivate and guide students to success. As an experienced maths and English tutor, I can identify students’ problem areas and work with them in positive, constructive ways to achieve success. I design my lessons according to my students’ needs, with an emphasis on confidence-boosting activities.

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Enhanced Learning

One-on-One learning through Skype, Zoom, Webex or most other platforms. Experienced in using technology to optimise student potential and learning outcomes in a fund and positive manner. Coupled with significant teaching resources, supporting technology enables document sharing and live explanatory notations. Book a session today to maximise your child's potential.

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Years 4, 5 & 6

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School Children


Enhanced Learning

Small group lessons can often be more effective than One-on-One as children are naturally competitive but also collaborative. Finding the right group dynamic is essential to optimising that potential, allowing them to compete in a positive, nurturing environment, but at the same time collaborate to support each other in their learning. Book a weekend class today to maximise your child's potential.

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