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Years 3 to 12

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Maths or English

Not sure whether tutoring is the right option? Try it and see. Contact us now for a free 1 hour maths or English session, either online or face to face. or 0417 697 745

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"Nick has been tutoring our son (yr6) for 2 years. We tried a few tutors prior to Nick and didn't see any definable results. Also, we almost always had the impression that they were just 'phoning it in'. We have never had a similar feeling with Nick. He is always engaged and responsive to our individual needs. After six months of tutoring with Nick in mathematics, our son scored in the top possible grading band in his last Naplan testing. This represented a significant jump in results.

After that, we expanded the subjects that Nick was working on and began to see similar progress in those areas. Ultimately our son ended up passing his entrance exam to Sydney Grammar School.

The whole time we have been working with Nick, he has been very professional, super friendly and always punctual. He has tailored his methods to communicate effectively with our eleven-year-old and as such, our boy enjoys his tutoring sessions, giving it his all. We would highly recommend Nick to anyone who is serious about lifting their child's academic performance. He is amazing."

Shannon Ruddock

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"Nick has helped both our sons over the last two years with great effect. Nick is kind, effective and patient, and the boys have enjoyed working with him. He has helped them build their subject knowledge, exam technique, ability to understand and answer multi-faceted questions, and general confidence.

The boys find Nick approachable, and he is able and willing to explain things repeatedly or in different ways should they not understand principals the first time.

From a parent’s perspective, Nick is a joy to deal with, and I very much appreciate his flexibility and willingness to help children enjoy learning, and build their confidence."


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"Nick has been tutoring my son (Year 10) in English for the past 6 months and the results have been fantastic. My son has gone from a grade C to grade A English student under Nick's guidance. Nick is a wonderful, patient tutor that I would highly recommend"

Dean Stockwell

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"We have had an excellent experience with Enhanced education. My son Ben has been tutored by Nick for 2 years now for Maths and English. During this time we have noticed a huge improvement in his work but most of all in his self confidence. He looks forward to tackling a problem with Nick and always feels more confident after his session."

Fiona Lucas

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“Matthew got 91% in Maths and 90% in English! Thank you for your help with bringing him up from a C average in Year 11!”


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Girl in Classroom

“Hi Nick, my daughter was 2nd highest in her year for her maths level. A great result. Thanks for your work.”


Student Membership

“I really like Nicholas and my daughter seems keen to continue which is great. My daughter improved in her maths and received a B in her report. Nick has been great.”


School Children

“Hi Nick
I just wanted to let you know that we got Jacob's school report today and for the very first time we got a 'High' in Maths.
I couldn't be happier.
Thank you for the lessons, we will see you next year!”


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Tutoring for Years 5 to 12 in Maths and English

Experienced in online tutoring across many different technology platforms to suit your needs.

Significant online learning resources available to enable live notations during sessions and additional homework where required.

One on one tutoring works ​best on a regular, weekly basis and ensures every student fully understands all the concepts in their curriculum.

Each student is firstly assessed then provided with a revision schedule to ensure any knowledge ​gaps are addressed.

Then each student is guided through the curriculum in step with their school study program, with extension problems provided for extra revision and test preparation.

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Book your child into an online or face to face tutoring class now to ensure they perform to their maximum potential.

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Small group tutoring classes for Years 4/5/6

With no more than 5 students per group, we are able to recognize the potential in each one of our students.

With a customisable approach, we have seen our students’ test scores and grades consistently rise.

Preparation is ideal for Naplan, ICAS, OC and Selective High School tests.

Our group classes provide a challenging but nurturing environment that focuses childish curiosity to develop and enhance skills.

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